Keith's Story

I started my photography journey way, way back on a school trip. I'd ran out of film for my little instamatic camera and a friend went to the shop to get more. He bought black and white film and after I had the film processed I was hooked. I was about 12 years old. Eight years later I photographed my first wedding. I was into motorbike racing and wanted something to capture the speed, so I bought myself my first 'proper' camera, I think it was £12 and a long lens £18 and I was off. It was a barmaid at my local pub that asked me to photograph her wedding. That was over 30 years ago now (probably closer to 40 really) I thought it was a one off but, it snowballed.

I eventually won a prestigious Kodak award for my wedding photography (that was in the days of film) back in the 1990s.

An old mentor once said to me "Imagine every shot you take costs £50" which means make every picture count. So when I made the change to "Digital," around 2004, I took that philosophy with me. It's all to easy to take hundreds of shots hoping for the best, but I like to make sure the shot I take is just right. I started using Graphistudio Wedding Books in 2008, we think they're the best. The reaction a couple have when they see their images in the wedding book is what makes the whole thing so enjoyable for us. As the day progresses I build a picture in my mind of what the book will look like. The aim is to tell the story of the day in a magical way. The result, is a very happy couple, and we get to do this as our job.

It doesn’t get much better than that.


Hi I'm Meg, I'm a 23 year old photographer and have been working alongside Keith for over 5 years now. Keith has mentored me and taught me everything he knows; I have learnt so much from his 40+ years experience of photographing weddings. I have since gone on to photograph weddings on my own and am in the process of setting up my own photography business based in Scotland.

I adore weddings. I love spending time with the bride and groom before and after they get married, hearing their story, sharing in the most important day of their lives and best of all capturing that for them - giving our couples something they can look back on and treasure for years to come.