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A lot of dog lovers say that they have got loads of photos of their dog on their phone, there’s no doubt a phone is great for capturing those shots of your dog doing the daft things dogs do. But, how much time is really spent scrolling through the dozens and dozens photos to find a picture and then forget about it?

Do you wish you could capture the expression of love and devotion on their face for all time? You can with a professional photoshoot of your dog.

Unfortunately dogs have a much shorter lifespan than us and won’t be here forever and afterwards all you’ll have left is memories of a much-loved friend.

You’ll have your phone pictures but these will become lost amongst all the others and may even get deleted.

If you’d like to capture your dog’s personality doing what they do best, then get in touch to book a dog photography Photoshoot

Your Dog Photoshoot

Your outdoor dog photo shoot in the beautiful countryside around Loughborough can take place in the woods, a park, your own garden or your usual dog walk, the choice is yours. Once we have decided on a location and the type of shots you would like, our goal is to make the photoshoot on the day fun and relaxed for you and your dog. The outdoor shoot suits any dog large or small. 

If would like to include yourself or members of your family in the photoshoot with your dog that is ok with us. We can discuss this when we organise the photo shoot.

Please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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